Remedy for curing Acne once and for all

Remedy for curing Acne once and for all

Acne is one skin disease that most people especially ladies struggle with.  This skin disease go beyond just a skin disease, it sometimes deforms the affected area vigorously that someone is left to wonder if that affected area was ever beautiful.

Acne has rendered most ladies helpless to an extent that some loose their self esteem. Back then when I was struggling with Acne, I can remember how shy I often get when I see other women with smooth and attractive face. I totally felt I was ugly because the Acne ate deep into my face that it feels rough and rugged each time I touched it.  I wept most night because I had not gotten a solution to my Acne problem. 

This Acne went on for about 6 years before I finally found a remedy that I would be sharing with women out there who are suffering just like me. 

This remedy won't harm you but most of the ingredients I would be listing might only be found in Africa, but I will find out if there is another name for the ingredients so I can write another post and include the alternative names. 

I believe that for you to read this post it means you are struggling with Acne or you know some one that is.  So I will advice that you pay keen attention to what I have to say. 

I will be listing few ingredients that you will mix and afterwards apply on the affected area.  You are to apply this mixture for the next 14 days and believe me there would be a massive improvement afterwards.
So let's get started .


1. Alum ("Cari") : This ingredient is milky in color,  most people in rural areas use it to preserve water.  Some believe it has the ability to purity unclean water.
So you can purchase it from any local market, then you grate it into powdered form and measure 1 quarter teaspoon into a small bowl.

2. Baking Soda: This ingredient is not hard to find as you can always buy it from any cake making store around you.  It's normally used for baking and it is one of the most effective ingredient in this mixture.  So you measure 1 teaspoon and add to the initial content in the small bowl.

3. Ginger Powder: Ginger on its own can be termed as a herb,  it has its natural ingredients that also complements with this mixture to give you a wonderful end result. Mind you for this mixture, we would be using the dried ginger powder and 1 teaspoon of it is enough. So you can add 1 teaspoon of this ginger powder into the initial mixture in the bowl.

4. Aloe Vera: It has the ability to repair damaged skin even without being added to this mixture, so imagine the effect it will have if been added to the initial mixture. For this Aleo Vera,  it's either you buy the gel sold at any store or you just get the raw fresh Aleo Vera. Extrat the content with a knife then you measure 1 teaspoon and add to the initial content.

As soon as you add the Aleo Vera you mix thoroughly until a forming paste is noticed then you can stop.  Quick reminder the mixture might come with an offensive odur but not to worry, it won't last long. 


At this stage I can believe that your mixture is ready and you can't wait to apply it.

I would should show you just exactly how you can apply it so that the end result will be wonderful.

1. Take a little of the paste and apply directly on the exact area where the Acne is located, do that to all affected area.

2. Allow to completely dry and fall off.

It's advisible to apply before going to bed and when it's dry you peel off and don't wash you face. Then in the morning you wash your face and repeat the procedure again before taking hour bath. 

You should repeat this method for the next 2 weeks and there will definitely be an improvement afterwards.

So if you enjoyed my post and you need more on this,  kindly comment below.  And don't forget to give me feedback when this mixture eventually clears your Acne.