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10 Natural Ways to stop coughing at night

10 Natural Ways to stop coughing at night

10 Natural Ways to stop coughing at night: Coughing at night can be really annoying and painful because nighttime is for you to have a sound sleep. Just few days back I my throat was tickling and I was coughing consistently. It wasn’t the best days of my life but then I had to apply some home remedies a friend told me about.

So, today I will be sharing those remedies with you so as to prevent and stop coughing at night.

1. Giggling with salt and warm water

This first tip is the reason why I didn’t spend money at any drugstore, neither did I use the drugs I had at home. All I did was get warm water in a mug, and added ½ teaspoon of salt.

I kept drinking that solution all night and also drank it thrice the next day, before I knew it the cough was gone. The ph. solution in salt helps fight the yeast and bacteria in your throat thereby eliminating them in no time.

2. Herbal tea with honey

You should know that any warm liquid can actually break up mucus in your airways. For this method, you would have to add a little honey to any tea at all and take three times daily.

3. Try to prevent cockroaches

Am pretty sure you are wondering how cockroaches can contribute to your consistent coughing, anyway they can.

According to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, cockroaches are the common cause of allergies and asthma attacks. Also, you know that asthma attacks all start from consistent coughing. So, avoid keeping food containers unsealed, remove piles of magazines and newspapers and endeavor to use cockroach infestation so as to avoid their saliva, feces and body part from contaminating all these things.

4. Sleep on an inclined position

Most times when you lay to sleep your body cannot defy gravity, so all the postnasal drainage and mucus that you swallowed during the day begin to irritate your throat at night.

You can try by adding more pillows to prop yourself up while sleeping so as to keep the irritation down in your stomach all night.

5. Always keep your bedding clean

Sometimes it might be the stress from work or the stress from taking care of the kids that will make you totally forget to take care of your bedding. If your cough is consistent and you are prone to allergies then kindly focus on your bed. There might just be some tiny creatures that eat up dead flakes of the skin crawling on your bed without your consent. So, I would advise you wash your bedding every week in hot water.

10 Natural Ways to stop coughing at night

6. Use a humidifier

Dry air tends to irritate the throat, while some people cough more when they turn on their heater during winter. The heater has a heating ducts that releases pollutants and these pollutants irritate your throat and airways.

By using a humidifier, its generates a cool mist that can keep the air in the room moist in order to make your throat feel better.

7. Always prepare your bedside

As soon as you start coughing, endeavor to have everything intact by your bedside. Have a glass of water, salt solution or cough medicine and anything else you will need by your bedside. Consistent coughing can make you weak so it might be a little bit difficult for you to go get these things when the coughing begins. Am actually talking out of experience, it was quite difficult for me to go downstairs and get the salt solution when I began coughing at night. The sooner you can stop coughing, the better for your airways.

8. Get medicine

You might have tried the above remedies but yet the cough still won’t stop. Maybe you should consider getting over-the-counter cough medicine then. Endeavour to look carefully on the label and be sure the medicine you intend getting is right for the cough you have.

10 Natural Ways to stop coughing at night

9. Quit smoking

The common side effect of long term smoking is a chronic cough. It quite difficult to stop smoking especially if you have been in it for quite a long time, but talking to a doctor about some programs that can help kick off the habit should be a bold step you have to take.

But if you are not a smoker then it can be a quick fix.

10. Visit a doctor

If your cough has stayed longer that 7 days, then it’s time to visit your doctor. You and your doctor can figure out the cause earlier and then make your nights peaceful again. It might take some time for your doctor to diagnose you with something but your patience would be your source of strength.

I am sure these post exposed you to some critically fact you didn’t know about the natural ways to stop cough. Kindly share with family and friends.


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